ATB Capital Markets Focuses on Growth and Innovation

February 02, 2021

Feb. 2, 2021 - Advancing traditional and growth industries.

ATB Capital Markets, the capital markets arm of ATB Financial, has broadened its sector expertise and resources to include an expert team focused on Growth and Innovation. This expanded expertise will help Alberta’s technology companies as they navigate a disruptive marketplace and compete globally for capital.

“As businesses and industries adapt to a rapidly changing environment, we must also look to the future and the trends that will affect our clients,” said Curtis Stange, President and CEO of ATB Financial. “The fourth industrial revolution is here and the conversations we have with business leaders today to help advance business growth are more critical than ever for a strong economic future.”

The Growth and Innovation team is highly specialized, agile and uniquely positioned to help technology and innovation companies grow and succeed. As trusted partners for customized financial and advisory services, the ATB Capital Markets team helps businesses identify growth opportunities at every stage of the business life cycle and provides competitive advantage.

At the helm of the specialized Growth and Innovation team are:

  • Tim Hart, managing director, Investment Banking—With 25 years of capital markets experience, Tim will lead the banking group that helps high-growth companies compete in Alberta and beyond by providing tailored solutions and advice that address their unique business needs, ranging from equity and debt capital requirements to strategic mergers and acquisitions.

  • Ezra Chang, director, Investment Banking—Ezra brings over 15 years of capital markets and key industry sector experience, including life sciences, technology and engineering. He has extensive investment banking experience with innovation-focused companies including origination, equity/debt financings and merger and acquisitions.

  • Martin Toner, director, Institutional Research—Martin brings over 15 years of capital markets experience on both the buy and sell side, having worked on North American and U.S. equity core, income, hedge and ESG funds and as a senior analyst covering all sectors. He provides sector and company insights, identifying trends and investment opportunities for the stocks we cover.

ATB Capital Markets has expanded its universe coverage to include Shopify Inc., Lightspeed POS Inc. and Real Matters Inc.

“We are committed to supporting companies that are fueling innovation in technology. Our expertise in growth and innovation will ensure we are making a strong contribution to both our economy and our clients,” said Jon Horsman, CEO of ATB Capital Markets Inc. and senior executive vice president, business at ATB Financial. “We remain dedicated to the energy industry, while we work together towards a prosperous future for all.”

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