ATB Capital Markets Institutional Investor Conference - Growth & Innovation

Highlights from the Growth and Innovation sector.

Martin Toner, CFA

On January 11, ATB Capital Markets hosted the first day of its 10th Annual Institutional Investor Conference, which included presentations from 16 Growth and Innovation companies. In the full report, we provide an overview of our panel discussions, which covered themes such as financial inclusion, learning, and the Shopify ecosystem. Also highlighted are key takeaways and themes which arose, along with key highlights from individual company presentations.

Innovation Drives Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) Growth
The “Innovation Engine” created by the Shopify ecosystem continues to run at full steam, however significant merchant pain points remain. We discuss some of the solutions that are emerging to satisfy them. The Shopify Eco-System Panel will convince you that innovation on the platform is thriving, will drive GMV and revenue growth, and that valuable businesses are continuing to be created and grow on the platform. 

Inclusion Is An Act
Catch the infectious excitement that the founders and leaders on the Financial Inclusion Panel have for improving the customer experience and ultimately improving lives. We believe investors should look for investments that are benefiting from the theme of Financial Inclusion.

Innovation Matching
Innovation runs ahead of incumbents, governments, and regulatory bodies, which have to play catch up. According to Symend (Private, NR) CEO Hanif Joshaghani, “You move slowly at first to make sure you nail the product, then you go fast. I do not worry about innovation matching by incumbents. I’ve just never seen it.” 

What Did We Learn
It should not surprise us that a former professor and two learning CEOs raised by teachers would make great panelists. The Learning Panel identified several areas for future new product development. 

Digital Transformation Accelerating Out of COVID
A number of businesses discussed the acceleration they are experiencing coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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